Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Lately, I've been thinking about, people who can't see, who are deaf and who can't talk. I'm seeing more or so things, not relate that much to them anymore.
I'm sorry if what I say isn't true. But, it would be good to connect with them, as well as the person who suffers with illness, and who has a disability. I'm just thinking of them lately.

It would be good, for them to experience or, interact with the things, people who hear, etc., or so, do.

I know I've developed some illnesses, and some things that I don't function with anymore, but, before that, I was fascinated by sign language, late TV that explored what people with certain disabilities got up to, and even the news interacted with some of them.
What has happened, and, is there anywhere, were they may focus, or still talk about this, more like they used to.

I'm just saying this on the internet. I've not discovered, outside interaction yet. Getting the words off screen, to people with less device interactions.

I don't know. On my own, I shall find ways to combine interaction, with all. Whether they are disabled, or not.
I don't want, or like, leaving anyone out. Even if it means, allowing them to enjoy it.

[**YouTube [], has suggestions, of people who are willing to talk, interact, etc. With their story, etc,]

What are your thoughts? Have you seen, or ever considered/experience this daily?
I'd really like to know.

Take care,

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